Inflatable dildos are some of the wildest and most fun sex toys that you can use for endless fun and insatiable pleasure! However, bear in mind that this is not your ordinary dildo. Inflatable dildos have many creative uses. They offer sensations that simply aren’t possible with a real cock or a standard dildo!

If you’re wondering if an inflatable dildo is a good toy for you, just think about the size. Is it a big factor in your pleasure? Do you love getting your holes filled up to the point where it feels like you are going to explode? 

If you’re a size queen or king, inflatable dildos are precisely what you should look into. On the surface, these toys look like standard dildos. However, when you inflate them, you can massively increase their size once they’re in your vagina or anus. This is the best feature of inflatable dildos.

Furthermore, inflating a dildo once it is inside you will stretch you out. It will fill your vaginal or anal walls with a unique pressure. That is simply fantastic for any slut or sub who loves to get dominated or simply anyone who craves to go bigger. Moreover, it’s just the best tool for anal training or vaginal tenting because it can double the size of your holes temporarily. Another use of it is for gaping, getting your pussy or asshole ready for fisting, etc.

Features & types of inflatable dildos

The main feature of this toy is its ability to swell in size. Most inflatable sex toys have a bulb attached to their base. You can use this bulb as a pump to push air into them. Plus, the bulb attaches to a tube, and it has a valve that you can use to deflate the toy. 

Handheld inflatable dildos

These dildos are often made of soft yet rugged silicone or similar material. It feels great on the skin and lasts for a long time. Also, it’s possible to find them in various lengths, from average to monster-sized. Furthermore, some of the biggest handheld inflatable dildos can grow past 15 inches in length once you’ve pumped them up!

Suction cup inflatable dildos

Compared to handheld toys, suction cup dildos are relatively the same except for their base. They feature a suction cup at the bottom. You can use it to attach the dildo to any flat surface. That way, it creates a hands-free experience. Additionally, you can simply stick the suction cup onto the best surface for you and find the most pleasurable angles and positions.

Vibrating inflatable dildos

And if the previous types aren’t enough, you can kick it up a notch! Vibrating inflatable dildos provide additional vibration from inside. They are available in handheld and suction cup variants. They offer various vibration patterns and speeds along with inflation features to bring you otherworldly fun!


Typically, standard inflatable dildos have a length of 5–6 inches when deflated. What’s more, the width is around 2.5 to 2.8 inches. However, the fun starts once you pump air inside them. Then, they can swell to 11 or more inches in length and 3.5 or more inches in width. That’s a lot of cock for such a simple toy! 

As we’ve said, you can also find bigger inflatable dildos that can extend up to 15 and more inches if you truly want to decimate your tight pussy or asshole! This lovegasm collection will give you more idea on sizes, and options to choose from.

Selecting the right material 

These toys are mainly made of silicone and various similar materials. Here’s a quick guide on those materials:


This is essentially manufactured plastic. It comes in a flexible form for inflatable dildos. It has slick, stretchy, and shiny qualities that make it a favorite for BDSM aficionados. This material is often debated because it contains phthalates that may be unsafe for some skin types.  

Jelly and latex

Latex and jelly are common materials for inflatable dildos as they are stretchy and sturdy. They are often used for making extra soft toys. However, some people could develop allergic reactions to them. Another drawback of these materials is that your bodily fluids can easily break them down over time. 


Silicone is proven to be the safest material for all sex toys and skin types. It is non-porous and does not absorb bacteria. At the same time, it’s bendy, feels fantastic, and is incredibly durable. This is the best and safest choice for inflatable dildos! 

Cyberskin (realistic-looking skin)

Cyberskin or real-feel materials are made from TPE. This material is incredibly flexible and is a great choice for cock rings and masturbation sleeves. Plus, it’s also a winner for inflatable dildos because of its softness. However, it is porous, which means it could absorb some bacterial growth. 

How to use an inflatable dildo?

There are many other types of inflatable toys, including butt plugs, anal toys like beads, and so on. However, you can use most of these types in the same way.

Firstly, you have to use plenty of water-based lubricants or another lube type that is suitable for your toy. That will ease the friction of the inflating dildo. This toy can stretch your internal muscles to twice their size, so you’ll need to relax those muscles and not force anything. 

Then, when you find the best position, push it inside just like any other dildo. You can use thrusting motions before you inflate the toy. However, when you inflate it, the dildo should stay in place, and in/out motions could damage it. To pump it up, simply use the bulb to push air into it and make it swell to the desired level. This is the fun part, as it will fill your holes with extra pressure! You can also stimulate your clit or cock while doing this or have your partner join you for some extra kinky pleasure. 

Pump up the jam! 

That’s it! Now you’re ready to begin your dirty adventures with an inflatable dildo! Order one today, and have fun!

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