Anal sex toys are used for many purposes and badly needed by real experimenters. Toys for anal pleasure are created as a continuation of the hand, which allows them to easily penetrate the anus and provides greater mobility. You can pick up a toy of almost any size and even such that it has a stepped shape. Do not forget about stimulants for the clitoris or penis, they can help to excite, relax or even get distracted!

If you really wanted a sex toy but don’t know where to get one, there are many anal toys, such as anal dilators, plugs and anal chains that you can find at They can be used with or without a partner. Another advantage of anal toys is that, mainly, they are made from hygienic and safe for the body materials. They can even be disinfected by boiling or washing in the dishwasher. If, besides you, someone else uses anal toys or is concerned about hygiene, then put on a condom. With it, the toy will not completely slip into the anus due to involuntary contractions of the sphincter.


Before you begin anal masturbation, you need to make some preparations. It would be very useful to go to the toilet, but after that wait at least 4 hours before starting the infiltration. An important role is also played by cleanliness and hygiene, regardless of whether you are doing this alone or with a partner. Wash the anus area with gentle soap and avoid odorous shower oils, as they can cause irritation on sensitive skin. If you want, cut or shave the area of ??the genitals, which you think you should get rid of the hair. When using wax, do the depilation at least one day before anal games, since after this procedure the anus may be too sensitive. Do not forget to also cut your nails if you are going to stimulate with your fingers.

Prepare your accessories, for example, sanitize intimate toys  and / or install a mirror. It also does not hurt to have such things as a towel, rubber gloves, a hand sanitizer and a lot of lubricant. In addition, you can try anal gel to reduce sensitivity, which should help relax the anal sphincter. Tools such as Analyze Me Anal Comfort Spray are not pain killers and can be used in conjunction with condoms and lubricants. Second step: relax! Go for a walk, drink a glass of wine or have a massage – do something to help you relieve tension. And finally: make a couple of approaches Kegel exercises. This will help you gain control over unintentional contractions of the anus. Can you wear a butt plug swimming? When you are ready to penetrate, treat all of this as you would a normal masturbation.


Massage of other parts of the body in parallel with the stimulation of the anus will help you relax the sphincter. And with masturbation and sex toys, it will also contribute to penetration. Take a comfortable position and start massaging the area around the anus, slowly making circular movements with a toy or finger. Continue as much as you need, until you get used to the sensations. Using a sufficient amount of lubricant can be fruitful, in the same way massage the entrance to the anus. The sensation will be similar to anglings, with the only exception that touching the tongue is much gentler.

Continuing to caress you, while inhaling and exhaling, begin to penetrate the anus with your fingertip (or small toy). As soon as the external sphincter gets used to these touches, slowly move your finger further and concentrate on the pleasant sensations derived from the massage. At this stage, you can either go deeper inside, or stay at the same level, but expand the diameter of penetration.

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