One evening in the summer of 2018, my partner and I were in New York City on a date night. We strolled around Greenwich Village right after dinner. Then we found ourselves in front of a sex toy shop. My husband and I are not terribly adventuresome or unusually kinky. However, we are very much in love and we make an effort to keep our marriage fun and exciting. Our purpose when we walked into that store was mostly about curiosity.

Instead of learning about some fun toys or picking out a great massage oil or buying some romantic scented candles, we walked out… empty-handed. What should have been a fun and enticing experience left us feeling embarrassed and dirty and definitely not in a good way. We realized there had to be a better way to learn about adult products and inspire romance.

When we got home, we immediately went online and struggled to find an online store that could offer the kind of products, education, and experience that people like us would like. So, one year later, this website was born by starting the business by delivering a luxurious, sophisticated, and unbiased articles. We wanted everyone to learn about pleasure, discover innovative products, and shop in a secure environment where they can feel comfortable.