Prostate massage is generally done with a massager inserted inside the body. However, you can also massage your prostate gland externally. External massage is especially recommended if you have not tried the massaging process ever. Lots of men are initially little apprehensive to try out the internal massaging with a foreign device. If you too are in such a dilemma, it’s better to get acquainted with the process with external massaging. Then, as you get used to it, you can slowly move to internal massaging with a prostate massager.

The post below offers a brief on how to enjoy external prostate massage.

Find your prostate from outside

Now, it’s true that it’s little tricky to sense your prostate gland from outside. The organ is located 2-3” inside your rectum. But when you have to feel it from outside, you have to take the help of your perineum zone. It’s the skin in between your anus and scrotum. Some even refer to it as gooch or taint. Put simply, the prostate organ is situated just above the perineum area. So, if you can massage the perineum skin, it will help to stimulate the prostate gland as well.

How to know you are right?

You must be wondering how to know if you have hit the right spot from outside. Well, in that case, continue to massage little above your perineum skin. Try to sense a feel of urination. No worries, you won’t urinate while massaging. Your prostate gland controls the urine flow & ejaculation. Both won’t happen simultaneously. Most importantly, if you are getting a feeling of urination, you will be clear that you have absolutely hit the needed spot.

Rub gently

After you have found your P-spot, you can start the massaging. If you are with a partner, you can have your partner massage the area for you. It’s a nice way to begin a love making session.

Now, how you will massage, it depends entirely on your personal preferences. Some prefer gentler strokes while others would like to have things in circular motion. Then, a lot of men crave for slightly more pressure on the area. Once again, there is no hard and fast rule to massage here. It’s entirely yours and your partner’s discretion. Just remember to start slow and light. The perineum skin is a very delicate area. So, you should not put much pressure on it.

Don’t get too rough

This point is in continuation with the last line we have mentioned in the above paragraph. Your prostate is a sensitive gland. So, excessive rough movements will do it more harm than good. If your strokes or motions cause some kind of irritation or pain in the area, you should stop it immediately. Your prostate would need some time to recover. After it is recovered, you can continue with the massage- but just remember to be gentler.

Little leakage is normal

Now, as you go on rubbing, you could experience little leakage after a point. Don’t worry, this is normal. It would be whitish in color and runny. You can take it as something like thin ejaculation. We have already mentioned about the feel to urinate while rubbing. So, as you rub more, your prostate releases or ejaculates this fluid which was giving you a urinating sensation. In fact, this ejaculation is a good thing for your health. The prostate stores these liquids which if not cleared out on time, will lead to bacteria growth. A smooth prostate massage will help you to get rid of these fluids on time to keep prostate illnesses as bay.

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